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Dr. Brandon C. Clark

18 years of Federal Government Service

2+ years experience as a Life Insurance Field Underwriter/Broker

•       Doctor of Ministry, Christian Counseling (3.89 GPA)

•       Master of Arts, Human Services Counseling (3.87 GPA)

•       Master of Divinity (3.68 GPA)

•         Master of Practical Ministry

  • Welton Academy: Supernatural Bible School:Pastoral Track

•       Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice

•       Associate of Arts, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

§  Member of the American Union of Neuro Linguistic Programming (AUNLP)

§  Certified Life Coach (AUNLP)

§  Certified Master Life Coach (AUNLP)

§  Certified Basic Ericksonian Hypnotist (American Alliance of Hypnotists)

§  Maryland Life and Health Insurance Producers License #3000921263

§  CPR/AED: Adult, Child, Infant + Standard First Aid (BLS) American Health Care Academy #A1600722

§  40 Hour Elementary TEFL-TESOL Certification (Teflen Training College) #T79534

§  Ordained for Pastoral Ministry by the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening (ANGA)

§  Member of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers

§  Member of ACPE (Formerly: The American Association of Pastoral Counselors)

§  Member of Maryland Psychological Association

§  Member of Chaplains Collective

§  Advocate for the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention

§  Specialist Certification in Physical Healing; Christian Healing Certification Program

§  Practitioner Certification in Physical Healing, Inner Healing, and Deliverance; Christian Healing Certification Program

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